State ID  Video Authentication (SIDVA) which is a 40 gig mini XP embedded  computer that conducts several verification checks to determine if the State ID presented to purchase liquor, tobacco, firearms, or any product that requires an ID, is legitimate and not altered.






Base Equipment:

  • 7.2in Touch Screen TFT display (high intensity daylight-ready screen available)

  • 600Dpi ID card imaging device - Capturing all barcode formats.

  • One IR illuminated Color RCA video camera

  • 3 Track Magnetic Stripe Reader - Capturing all  ID cards magnetic encodings including; credit cards, California Drivers Licenses and all standardized AAMVA encoding.

  • Central Processing Unit


Available Configurations:

  • 17" x 17" - Flush lockable for mounting in wall

  • 12” x 10” x 4” - Free standing Modular Design for hiding of the larger box portion counter, etc. Touch Screen, Magnetic Stripe Reader, Camera and Card Imager can be placed according to unique needs.


ID Fraud Detection / Admittance:

  • Clearly displays age & address information

  • Alerts operator with a fraudulent probability score

Patented technology to spot fraudulent ID’s by verify/cross verifying ID cards with 8 techniques:

  • PDF417 Barcode’s & cross-references with similar issues from a centrally updated issue type database.

  • Reads magnetic stripe on ID & cross-references with similar issues from a centrally updated issue type database.

  • Credit Card Magnetic stripe correlation fraud detection.

  • Illustrates Missing/Altered Ultra Violet watermark to operator

  • Reads and compares character data on both sides of ID (OCR) using proprietary genetic algorithms derived from a centrally distributed weighting system.

  • Authenticates digital security features implemented by local state governments in digital potions of ID. ie: Multiple

  • Barcode Iterations

  • Can cross verify with government databases if access is available.

  • Face cross-verification with ID Image using Identix FaceIt verification system. (Pending)


Touch-Screen User Interface:

  • Diagnostics

  • Statistics

  • Setup

  • Compression settings for storage tweaking

  • Evidence preparation

  • Internet Based upgrades (requiring internet connection)

  • Hardware configuration

  • Operation Mode (Customizable) - For display of video, subject info and analysis results.


System Features:

  • Integrates with existing security systems

  • Utilize up to 6 cameras, 4 RCA video expansion ports included, 4 available through USB add-on devices.

  • Configurable to work with WiFi video sources.

  • Records video from up to 6 cameras with user definable using before/after times triggered from any event. Records relevant video only.

  • Ability to store the last 30miniutes of video with one button.

  • Easy "out of box" plug and go design.

  • Interpolation of ID Character Data (OCR), Machine readable encodings & other security features

  • Archives name, address & other information for mailing list generation and demographics analysis.

  • Keeps Digital records of ID Card Face and Back in an organized format with all recorded video.

  • Configurable video/image compression controls.

  • Watch list feature can trigger actions such as paging mobile devices and or email subject information including video frames and ID card imaging to any email enabled device.

  • Can be customized to accept credit card payments.

  • All data is stored and accessed through SQL from a localized database partition or specified database connection string.

  • Software upgrades are made via USB or in background via the built in auto-configuring Ethernet connection from the online update system.

  • Can work with a web driven ticket sales & tracking system such as VIPPal.

  • Data collected including video can be accessed via ODBC compatible database connection strings.

  • Operates as database server.

  • Self-purging. Old non essential video data is deleted if space is required by newly recorded subject data.

  • Can be used as a stand-alone system, networked with peer units or central server.

  • Optional use of the Built In Apache Web Server with MySQL & PHP

  • Expandable platform for integration and development

  • Modular design.

  • Utilizes Microsoft embedded OS.

  • Subscription based software design.

  • Compatible with all 3rd party marketing/data mining tools such as, Microsoft MapPoint, Crystal Reports for furthering demographics analysis.

  • Accessing of recorded information is available by local interface, neighboring units or a separate PC via the internet/intranet.

  • Ability to network unit via WIFI wireless connection or included 10/100 Ethernet connection

  • Efficient storage - Saves and associates video only relevant to the person interacting with the operator. Approximately 20 years at 2000 logged subjects per week with one camera and ~4 frames per customer on a 120gig Hard disk utilizing advanced compression techniques.

  • Ultra Quiet Operation


Evidence Preparation:

 Instant querying of database and evidence delivery options such as:

o         Printouts (USB / Network Printer)

o         VHS (RCA & Svideo Video Out Port Included  for cloned display on standard TV / Monitors)

o         CD Rom (USB / Network)

o         ZIP (USB / Network)

o         3.5in floppy (USB / Network)

o         DVDR (USB / Network)

o         E-mail (Network)

o         Web Publishing (intranet or extranet password protected interface) (Network)

o         Screen Scrolling and time search


For information send an email to jsone at live d.o.t. con